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You don’t have systems or processes in place to manage and grow your business like a pro.

You are still piecing your biz together after every client you acquire, hoping, and praying that everything goes well, and you will make time later to get everything in order.

You have several ideas, but you don’t know how to monetize them, and marketing makes you want to run for the hills.

You want to wake up and create predictable revenue and results for your business with ease, and you are on a quest to figure out how to create that reality for your life.You are struggling with being consistent because you don’t know what to focus on, and if you have access to a “road map,” you need help implementing the plan, and you need accountability to ensure that you follow through.

Honestly, you are sick of yourself.

You have slayed your corporate positions, but this entrepreneurial life has you in stitches because there are way too many moving parts than you bargained for.

You know you can exceed your revenue goals; it just feels like you are drowning, and quite frankly, you are burnt out just thinking about everything that you are required to “master”. You have too much to do, and the more you do, the more work you create.

You are stuck at an income ceiling due to a lack of systems to support your desired level of growth you want to experience. You aren’t able to focus on new initiatives and projects because you are too busy working on things that should be automated. You aren’t willing to throw in the towel, but you have considered it because you didn’t start a business to become a slave to it.

You know structure is critical for growing your business, but you don’t know what that looks like for your business yet. You want a fully automated business that feels personable and authentic. You refuse to compromise the integrity of your brand just to make a dollar. You want to provide a solid experience for your clients that keeps them raving about the results that you helped them achieve.


You know you need to learn how to run an online business, create graphics, write copy, create sales funnels, figure out email marketing, learn Facebook ads, and the whole nine yards, but all of that overwhelms you.

You aren’t being seen, and you don’t know how to articulate what you do so that the client sees value in your work. Instead, you attract people who are lukewarm about achieving their goals and are always on the fence about making a decision to work with you so that you can finally operate in your zone of genius 24/7.

You are ready to smash your goals and not apologize for the level of success you achieve. It’s high time that everything worked out for the good.


Operation Get Shit Done Automate to Proft ™

Streamlining your business just got a whole lot easier.

Your 8 Week fast track to consistent revenue, referrals, and results!

I’ll work closely with you to revamp your systems and create money-making workflows that can run on autopilot.

This signature, white-glove experience is designed to transform your day-to-day operations so you can seamlessly onboard a new client, deliver exceptional service, and get repeatable client results – without working overtime.

We work together – for the next 8 weeks– tackling three core areas of your business:

Vision By You. Execution By Me.

In this Done-With-You service, I set up all the tech and help you finally map out a strategy to get everything out of your head and 100% fully executed in your business.

Whether you want to scale an existing service, launch a whole new arm of your business – or something in between, we work together to get it done!
The goal of our 8 Week partnership is for you to:

  • Kick burnout, frustration, and business overwhelm to the curb with well-oiled systems and processes to follow, no matter how big you want to grow your business.
  • Increase your profits with minimal lift because you’ll have a repeatable structure from onboarding to invoice paid to work delivered to get money in and stress all the way out!
  • Save 25-50% more time every week by eliminating redundancies, closing gaps, and automating the heck out of your business so you can take a damn day off.
    Identify and fix any business processes that are accidentally stunting your growth and replace them with systems that work – all the way to the bank!
    Build out an irresistible offer that puts your genius in the spotlight, makes people open their wallets, and never second guess why they’re coming to you!

Results By Design. Not By Default.

During this 8 Week engagement, you’ll also get expert guidance to build out key workflows for your business, including:

  • Lead Generation – This is your go-to to attract the right clients who value and pay for your expertise. I partner with you to do the tech buildout, however, you’ll want to contract with a reputable copywriter for the right messaging.
  • Sales Funnel – This is where we turn interested browsers into repeat buyers. I will show you how to create, position, and leverage your sales funnels so that people buy on demand.
  • New Client Onboarding Process – I’ll design this process for up to three of your services or products. You will get everything you need to make this seamless such as new client questionnaires, a formal welcome meeting agenda, follow-up templates, detailed action plans – and much more.
  • Custom Client Intake Forms – This step alone will save you hours every week because I’ll show you how to ask the right questions that will position you as the subject matter expert and inspire your clients to give you the information you need upfront! You deserve to work with ideal clients.
  • Client Experience & Service Fulfillment – No more missed deadlines or dropped balls after today! You’ll get strategic prompts to hold your clients accountable and gently push them to implement what you have shared with them.
  • Upsell Marketing Funnel – We’re not leaving any money on the table! I’ll teach you how to position your upsells to drive higher lifetime value for your customers and get them when they’re ready to buy more from you.
  • Offboard Client Process – Yes, you need a workflow to conclude your services with each client. This ensures that they have been taken care of and enables you to collect market research, ask for referrals, and get stellar client testimonials. 

Plus, you’ll get FULL access to plug and play templates, my entire sales training, AND two live 120-minute Strategy + Implementation Zoom calls with me.

I Want to See Results…
What’s My Next Step?

So, glad you asked 😉

This entire engagement follows 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Intake Form Completed

You will complete a very high-level questionnaire so that I can understand where you could use the most support in your business. You’ll be able to share your goals and any potential challenges you’re facing. I’ll guide you through this form with pre-recorded videos so you understand every step of the process.

Step 2: Invitation to Basecamp Sent

Next, you’ll receive an invitation to join me in Basecamp – that’s our project management system that will house all of your deliverables and deadlines. This enables me to give you real-time feedback and answer any questions you may have without us having to meet unnecessarily.

Step 3: Insight Video Delivered

Then I conduct a comprehensive 360-degree audit of your business – inside and out – and provide you with a detailed Loom video to watch to guide your next steps. If you have any questions during this step, you can post in Basecamp for support!

Step 4: Initial Meeting Scheduled

With your action items, you’ll be all set to start making the necessary changes. From there, you’ll book your first VIP day for us to walk through any roadblocks or questions you may have. You will come to this meeting with your assets compiled (don’t worry I’ll send you a checklist) and we’ll work during the meeting to put everything in place.

Step 5: Implementation Meeting Scheduled

After our first meeting, you’ll have additional action items to complete. I’ll detail everything in Basecamp so you have a roadmap to follow. Then we’ll schedule our second VIP day to hammer out any existing operational changes, so you’re ready to officially “go live” with an entirely revamped and streamlined business!

Step 6: Internal Revamp Done!

We’re done! And it’s time to celebrate. You’ll leave the 8 Week engagement with a redesigned business to attract higher-paying clients, serve them well, and free up time for you to enjoy life.

Please note that if for whatever reason you aren’t able to follow the timelines that are given to you at the start of your project, you may require additional support beyond the complimentary 8 Weeks that this experience offers. Your project will graduate into a monthly retainer agreement until the completion of your project. This will be on a case-by-case basis. ***Please do NOT commit to this experience unless you are ready to get shit done.***

Yes, I’m Ready to Get Sh*t Done!

Business Systems That Convert

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Operation Get Shit Done Workcation

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Client Experience Masterclass

Talk Money to Me Wendy!

The Yes Formula

Your products and services change lives, but there is a disconnect between your pitch (asking for the sale) and acquiring new clients without feeling like you have to offer discounts or chase prospects.

Perfecting the art of sales means developing the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully guide a prospect through the sales process and close a deal. It involves understanding the needs and desires of the potential client, building rapport and trust, effectively communicating the value of your product or service, and overcoming objections or concerns that may arise.

It’s also about understanding the psychology of selling and knowing how to create a buying experience that is enjoyable and memorable for the prospect. This can involve active listening, asking the right questions, using persuasive language, and having a strong understanding of the product or service being sold.

Ultimately, perfecting the art of sales is about creating win-win scenarios where both the seller and the buyer benefit. It’s about building long-term relationships with customers and clients based on trust, value, and mutual respect. This requires ongoing practice, learning, and refinement of one’s sales skills.

Learning how to be an effective closer builds confidence and empowers you to generate predictable revenue, positions you to build authentic relationships, and helps you stand out in the marketplace. When you can pitch your offer with ease, it showcases that you are a subject matter expert in your field. People buy when they know you got exactly what they want and need to reach their desired goals.

Sales don’t have to be a mystery. It is easy to hit your revenue goals if you know the right things to say.

I created this mini-on-demand training to walk you through a process that works.

Imagine confidently guiding your prospect through the sales conversation and knowing precisely what to say to get them to say YES without manipulating them.

With the YES Framework, you’ll learn how to close sales with confidence and create experiences where your prospects willingly pay your full rate without expecting a hookup. Inside this mini video training, you’ll discover four powerful lessons that will transform how you sell.

Want the deets? Click the button below.

Show Me How to Close Deals, Wendy!

Automate To Profit Playbook

I’m Ready to Level Up!


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