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Imagine a reality where you are your niche’s undisputed preferred service-based business owner. Picture being the go-to expert, the one clients seek out instinctively. Envision a space where you are in demand, in a league of your own, and where competition becomes a non-factor. What would it feel like to be recognized and compensated as the pinnacle of excellence in your field?

What if your business systems seamlessly function as your personal assistant, effortlessly keeping you on top of day-to-day operations and obligations? Envision a scenario where these systems manage your tasks and ensure your clients stay on track to achieve their desired goals, meeting deadlines with precision. This isn’t just a vision; it’s the potential reality of a business environment where efficiency and client success go hand in hand.



Your Business Systems Strategist. It’s time to refine your services, explore new revenue streams, and integrate efficient processes to optimize your day-to-day operations for peak efficiency. With the right workflows, business systems, and client experience, your business has the potential to surpass even your wildest expectations.

You can have the revenue and margins of Fortune 500 companies without the corporate chaos. Imagine a business where you don’t wear all the hats, where you have time and space to build genuine relationships—the heart of any profitable venture. I’m here to cut the fat, especially for those who want a lean, efficient operation without the hassle of managing a big team.

This isn’t just an opportunity to build an infrastructure like corporate America; it’s a chance to do it without getting sucked into a soul-draining endeavor that questions your unique gifts. Here, the playing field is level. Bring your expertise to the table, and I’ll show you precisely what you need to focus on to achieve the results you desire.

You deserve the freedom to run your business just the way you’ve always envisioned. But here’s the key—you won’t truly have that freedom without the right systems and processes in place. There’s a proven formula to scale your business, allowing you the liberty to champion the causes you believe in, live a flexible lifestyle that supports your family or yourself, and indulge in hobbies that let you escape the daily grind whenever you desire.

After over a decade in the hustle of direct sales and leadership positions, I hit a breaking point. I started my own gig because I got tired of the control-freak dance of corporate life, the overwhelming feeling of being watched every minute.

In a world of instant promises, trust is hard to come by. Coaches and consultants make big claims, and skepticism kicks in. Enter me—I’m known for my no-nonsense style. I listen intently, but I won’t sugarcoat—I’ll tell you straight. With a keen ability to grasp the unsaid, I’m here to empower you to trust your instincts. I understand my clients better than they understand themselves, ensuring your business systems support your unique learning and execution style. Let’s flip the script. It pays to do business your way. Let me show you how.

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I get it. On the outside, you’re the epitome of success—rocking it in corporate America, juggling a handful of degrees, and embracing that free spirit vibe with a sprinkle of OCD. But deep down, the imposter syndrome is real. You’re not the textbook Type A personality, but you secretly yearn to be.

In the maze of your own achievements, entrepreneurship seems like the logical next step. Yet, it’s a bit like jumping into the unknown, right? You’re all about taking risks, but sometimes that caution creeps in, and you end up overthinking, stuck in analysis paralysis.

In your business, winging it has become a lifestyle. Nothing’s documented, and the lack of a solid infrastructure is starting to wear you thin. Burnout is knocking at your door, and quitting isn’t an option. You are ready to streamline your approach, and build a business that not only makes sense but thrives. It’s time to wave goodbye to burnout and embrace a future where wearing multiple hats is a choice, not a necessity.

You’re stellar at what you do, but the whole sales and business management dance? Not your forte, yet. Efficiency is the name of the game for you—time, clients, the whole shebang. You knew being your own boss meant wearing a few hats, but 57? That’s a bit much. And let’s talk about systems and processes; you know you need them, but the ‘how’ remains a mystery. You’re ready to figure it out.


I choose to work with Wendy because I had a vision to maximize my efforts as a Publicist and a lifestyle brand without stretching myself too thin. Wendy gives me very effective tactics and creative ideas to further increase the impact of my brand.

I look forward to our meetings and always feel invigorated afterwards. Her services have helped me alter my mindset and approach to various aspects of my professional and personal endeavors. I like that she helps me de-clutter my mind and feel less overwhelmed. I appreciate the level of comfort and confidentiality I can feel during our sessions, allowing me to be real and receive real solutions.

Lillie Mae of

March 2015 marked a significant turning point in my life’s journey. With my firstborn just six months old, I made the leap from the corporate grind to the exhilarating realm of entrepreneurship. Since then, I’ve embarked on a thrilling adventure, collaborating with clients from diverse corners of the globe. From immersive cooking classes in Paris to heart-pounding white-water rafting in the Costa Rican jungle and daring rappelling and zip-lining in the Mexican cenotes, each experience has added depth and excitement to my narrative.

As a single mom and solopreneur, entrepreneurship has granted me the freedom to explore the world. Rejecting the notion of balancing acts, I prioritize strategic decision-making. I enjoy making savvy choices that allow me to be a present mom while remaining a dedicated service provider.

Over the past decade, I’ve immersed myself in the trenches alongside powerhouse, multi-six, and seven-figure service-based businesses. My mission: How can I empower solopreneurs to support more clients without compromising work-life balance or overextending oneself? The answer lies in a strategic overhaul of day-to-day operations. I specialize in curating systems designed to prioritize income-generating activities, minimize errors, and eliminate buyer’s remorse. My goal is to equip you with business systems that guarantee a seamless client experience, enabling you to thrive in your zone of genius.

As a pioneering force in the world of solopreneurship, I’m on a mission to redefine how you do business. You no longer have to operate like a small entity; I’ll show you how to build an infrastructure that mirrors that of Fortune 500 companies. Together, we’ll establish a business foundation that not only exudes premium quality but also functions with effortless precision, propelling you toward boundless revenue streams.

My approach transcends traditional consulting; I specialize in facilitating transformation. Whether you’re optimizing existing offerings or crafting groundbreaking signature products, I am the catalyst who will guide you from conceptualization to a successful product launch. I possess a unique knack for understanding your vision ensuring every component aligns seamlessly.

My forte lies in empowering clients to leverage their networks effectively, secure vital meetings, and navigate boardroom negotiations with unwavering confidence. Beyond opening doors, I ensure you leave with signed contracts and a lasting impact.

I’m not just a consultant; I’m your intuitive guide, your business oracle. With a keen ability to comprehend your needs better than you may realize, I excel in asking the right questions, unearthing insights, and providing instantaneous clarity.

Many of my clients find themselves in high-stakes meetings with corporate leaders and decision-makers, and I thrive in these moments. Clients often pitch products and services that have yet to be developed, relying on my expertise to seamlessly transform ideas into compelling offers. I orchestrate the entire process, from upselling existing clients to securing new business.

Once the client commits, they entrust me with the reins. I take their input and craft captivating sales materials. Simultaneously, I streamline the entire client experience, ensuring a seamless journey and clear expectations.

Navigating the vendor landscape can be daunting, but I bridge the gap, ensuring your vision is effectively communicated to developers and designers. For me, systems extend far beyond technology; they’re about crafting a comprehensive brand identity and overseeing the entire project lifecycle.

Clients entrust me with project management because I understand their vision and seamlessly translate it into reality. Working with me means you don’t need to have all the answers. I guide you through the process, transforming challenges into empowering experiences.

My clientele includes ambitious online service-based business owners, independent-minded solopreneurs, strategic consultants and coaches, and dynamic professionals hungry to monetize their expertise and optimize existing operations.

For the powerhouse woman who has tasted success and seeks to fast-track her service-based business, let’s cut to the chase. It’s time for the world to witness your unadulterated business brilliance.

If you aspire to the prestige of being seen as a legitimate entrepreneur, both on and off paper, let’s connect. Together, we’ll streamline your journey to success, crafting tangible products and services ready for promotion and businesses poised to attract paying clients.

If you’re committed to starting off on the right foot, value logic, work smart, and crave efficiency, consider me your silent partner in success. I’m here to liberate you from the chaos of solopreneurship, enabling you to focus on innovation, not desperation.

Together, we’ll create tangible products and services primed for promotion and businesses ready to attract paying clients.


When I came to Wendy, I was feeling stuck and unclear about the direction I should go in my business. I was uncomfortable with selling and the whole process. I just didn’t want to sound too pushy. Wendy helped me by giving me some tips and statements to say to clients at the end of the session. Basically, she made me think about asking the right questions upfront and matching the client’s need to the benefits of the packages that I offer. In addition, she helped me see the money I’m leaving on the table by not making it easy to buy a massage on my website. Now I am more confident about having the sales conversation with the clients. I have started to create systems and a series of questions to ask to land the sale every time.

Elmira Loftin of

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Some Of My Success Stories That Make Me Smile Until My Face Hurts:

  • Helped a client land a 12 month 6 Figure Contract that included a 90 day payment advancement less than 30 days of her being laid off from her swanky corporate job. I taught her how to monetize her expertise and bounce back.
  • My client client made $3100 in passive income in less than 24 hrs after she launched a new digital program
  • Taught my clients how to get featured in Huffington post and other well-known publications

If you secretly need validation that you are not cray-cray, and you could benefit from a healthy dose of insight and support from someone who will tell it to you straight, then we need to talk. You are here because you are ready to change your situation.

You have three options:

  1. You can book your 30-minute complimentary session now and jump on the phone and chat, click here.
  2. Check out my Work With Me Services
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Pick the option that will meet you where you are in your business today so that I can help position you to do more in less time.

I am looking forward to connecting you. See you on the other side.

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