You Know How to get 1 or 2 Clients, but What’s NEXT?

You know how to get 1 or 2 clients, but how do you generate a consistent slew of income generating opportunities so that your business can sustain your personal life and you are not constantly worried about how you are going to pay your bills.

Your business could double or triple if you knew how to systematically attract the right clients.

Step 1: You need a revenue goal. Without it, you don’t know how many new or old clients you need to convert into sales weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly to cover the cost of your business overhead and pay all of your bills.

Step 2: You need to be/become a marketing beast. You must craft the right messages that speak to your client avatar. Let me break down what I just said.


If you are not seen on a consistent basis teaching and letting people know how you can help them then, YOU will not be considered.

If you are worried about getting on people’s nerve, then your focus is off.

Most people have to see things 7 to 10 times before they make a decision to do anything.

You have got to show up daily and show them that you know what you are talking about.

You have to show up daily and share with them your client’s success stories. It is important that you have social proof that shows your clients results, right?

You have to give people a taste of that it is like to work with you for free so that they will desire more.

And you won’t give them more unless they pay.

Because you are in business to make money.

People like to feel like they belong to something bigger than who they are.

Your products + services should give them an idea that they can do and be more if they had access to them. Your offers will give them an immediate fix of wanting to belong to something bigger.

They can only see and experience the benefit of what you have to offer if you show up and give them reasons to believe.

And the more people you convert into loyal paying clients, the faster your credibility is built.

And people don’t flinch to pay when someone has a stellar reputation for getting the job done.

So for right now focus on the hand full of clients that you have now.

Figure out how to help them create extraordinary success stories and get that process of how you HELPED them down to a science and then don’t stop talking about it until you reach your goals.

You are in business so you might as well get what you want.

Of course, after the clients say YES, that is when the real work starts.

You need a system to follow to make sure that every paying client is HAPPY. Their questions are answered. It’s easy to work with you.


You have a way to manage your workflow + project so that you can exceed their expectations and position them to be a long-term client, not just a one-time client.

I teach you how to do all of this in my Smart Business Success Systems Program.

It’s the only program that will teach you how to create a business that is 100% customer service oriented. Your clients are going to have questions. It only makes sense for you to build a business that takes out the guesswork and allows the client to focus on the task at hand vs asking you a million questions. And you surely don’t want to hassle with the admin work 24/7 you just want to service the client.

So you get to work smart, the client gets what he/she wants hassle-free, and you get the best of both worlds, a happy client who never wants to leave you and they demand that you meet all of their friends and family.

What I just outlined could be your reality. I know because it is mines.

If you are tired of trying to do this alone. Let’s talk.

Your Business Systems Strategist

Wendy Nicole Anderson

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