Get Focused, Organized & Trust Yourself

Your lack of focus is delaying your breakthrough, increase, and well-being. When you are unfocused, you tend to operate with a false sense of reality.  Overwhelm is code that you feel like quitting, and it is a sign that you lack energy and direction. Tolerance of uncertainty leads to failure.  Sometimes we fail because we don’t consider our options that lead to missed opportunities. We also fail to live a life of purpose because we habitually choose not to honor our truths. Negative self-talk stems from frustrations. If you could eliminate your unproductive behaviors perhaps, you could have a little more peace of mind.

So why do you continue to tread through each day without a plan? If you don’t trust yourself then who do you trust? And Why? How far has second guessing gotten you?

We have become skilled at not allowing our instincts to be our compass. We ignore what feels right deep down in our core. Doubt creates an unstable mindset that won’t allow us to focus on what is important and warrants us to feed off fear vs. looking at the facts.

If you are tired of unfavorable outcomes that keep reoccurring in your life, now is a great time to establish new best practices for your life and business. Taking the time to get focused will help you to eliminate the “I don’t know” factor. A lot of times we are indecisive because we have not taken the time to understand our wants and needs. When we are emotionally distraught, we have a hard time pushing the play button in our life and getting in gear.

To help you get on track to becoming your best possible self here are a few coaching tips and questions to get you on the right path.

Get Focused: What are you devoting your time to daily? Are your daily activities in alignment with your weekly, monthly and yearly goals?  Your ability to focus, maintain a clear head and discipline yourself is critical to your ability to achieve your goals. Define whatever it is that you want to achieve and keep your eye on the prize. When you get discouraged think about the benefits of finishing strong and why you made the decision to pursue a certain goal.

Get Organized: Once you have identified “The Goal” establish systems to help you stay on track. Place all of your appointments and to-do lists on your Google Calender and schedule alerts to remind you of upcoming tasks, bills, and events.

If Google Calendar is not your thing try Evernote, it is a cool app that is found in the play store that will help you organize your day. Throw away anything that you are not using. Buy binders/file cabinet to file away your important paper work and maintain your notes. Purchase a couple of white boards and find a centralized place in your home/business to hang them on the wall.

On one white board write out your Big Vision (overall goals) and divide them into themes. This will help you focus on what is important as you start and finish your day. You can refer to this board as the Master Mind Board. Write whatever that comes to your mind without editing.  Write short sentences only or just words. Its purpose is to prompt you to explore the many ideas that pop up in your head. You may not know what something means at the moment, but let it linger for a while. Over time inspiration/clarity will uncover its true meaning.

On the second board be more detailed oriented and create three lists. 1) To-Do List, 2) Resources/Skills Needed 3) Benefits of achieving the Goal. The second board’s purpose is to break down the specifics of the first board so that you devote your time and attention to tasks to execute your big vision which you will state on the first board.

Trust Yourself a.k.a Listen to your Intuition: You are only able to generate ideas that are in tune with your belief system. What makes sense to you will make sense to others, but you have got to learn to own and trust your message first. Your gut feelings will never lie to you. Learn to embrace that inkling that tells you that you are right.  Reduce your risk factors that invite doubt into your life by doing what is right for you. Everyone has an opinion, but only you know what is the right pathway for you. Stand firm on the decisions that you make for your life. You are not required to answer to anyone. I am giving you that permission today.

You are worthy of your desires.

Get it together. If you have been thinking about making power moves and you have been on the fence, I say shit or get off the pot. Either you are going to embrace the journey to becoming your best possible self or learn to be ok with just where you are in life, which may not be in alignment with your vision for your life. Success a process.

Your Business Systems Strategist

Wendy Nicole Anderson

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