How you CAN pull off a Client VIP Weekend as a Diaper Slaying Mompreneur

I am not sure if you are new to my email list or if you have been a long time ride or die, reader.

But I want to take some time to re-introduce myself for just a second.

I am mompreneur of two boys. Ages one and two. Yes, I am a toddler mom. Their names are Noah and Jeremiah.


I work from home in Atlanta, GA. Their dad is a truck driver, so I am basically raising them alone since he is on the road 90% of the time. Like he is gone six weeks at a time, so I understand when you tell me it is hard raising children alone. I do it every day with grace and ease whenever I am not having a meltdown.

I started my business March 2013. I had my first child in 2014. I left corporate America for good March 2015. I had my second child November 2015. December 2016, I replaced my Corporate Income which was $65k plus. I hired a nanny in 2016 because it is important that I create a work life balance and I needed help. She comes over once a week to help me around the house and with the boys, but the rest of the time I hold the fort down.

Over the past four years, I have changed my business focus several times. I doubted myself countless times, but time after time people kept giving me opportunities to prove myself and to HELP them reach their business goals.

This past weekend. One of my clients made one of my business goals come true. I’ve been itching to host a VIP weekend. My goal was to have ten clients participate, but I did a piss poor job of promoting.

But you ONLY need one person to say YES. I got my one person.

Meet Sheryl Simon, Accountant at Know Your Numbers Accounting she is holding down a full-time corporate accounting job while she grows her business. She is on Operation leave Corporate America by April 2018, and we are almost there. Her goal is to replace her Corporate Income which rings to the tune of 6 Figures.


Let me start you from the beginning of our relationship because I often think times we discredit social media and we are not sure how to leverage it to GROW our business.

Let’s rewind nine months ago.

Sheryl was a lurker in my Free Facebook Group The Entrepreneur Marketplace. It has grown to over 1800 members. The Entrepreneur Marketplace is an innovative networking mastermind for thought leaders who want to crush it in business where you can ask questions, get feedback and connect with like-minded professionals.

After hosting a Facebook Live, Sheryl reached out to me via a post I shared in my Facebook group and requested a 30 min complimentary session.

She booked her session for two weeks out. I immediately inboxed her on Facebook and asked her why she was putting off a complimentary session. She giggles and we got on the phone that same day. It was a Friday. I had a sales goal to hit, and Sheryl was going to help me get there.

I used the YES Formula to get her to open up her wallet. I cover this in my Communication Masterclass if you are struggling with getting clients to say YES. Sheryl has used this method dozens of times and has secured three additional clients that pay her $2k monthly, yes that is an extra $6k in revenue that she is generating after she learned how to master the sales conversation and follow up.

Back to my story.

After I used the YES Formula, she paid on the spot $1497 in full to enroll in my 30 Day Profit Clarity Bootcamp that I offer to private clients. This was back in September 2016.

Since then she has been in Operation Get Shit Done several times, and recently she decided to Join The Finishers Circle. A 12 Week Growth Incubator for service based entrepreneurs who want to work smarter + make more money. It is designed to help you monetize your expertise and launch BIG in 2017. Think about a three month long VIP experience on steroids.

Inside of the Finishers Circle clients come to ATL for two and a half days to participate In-Person Business Growth Intervention that is fully loaded with a professional photo shoot, a celebrity make-up artist, a sales and marketing intensive designed to help them craft marketing messages to get their audience to open their wallets, hot-seats so that you leave with business deals mapped out and done and gourmet catered lunches. By the way you can see if this is a good fit for you here.

Well, she was in ATL this weekend to get her marketing plan together.

Here is what I need you to pay attention to.

I make sure that before I give clients an opportunity to work with me that they understand first and foremost that I am a mom and that at times my children may put a monkey wrench in my plans. My nanny may not be available, and I might have to bring them to a meeting.

Luckily my nanny was around to help me this weekend. But I did have to take them to the tail end of Sheryl’s photoshoot. You can watch Noah photo bomb, Sheryl, here

And I dragged Sheryl to a birthday party so that I could celebrate my sister friends one-year old’s special day.

I am here to tell you that if you communicate with your audience up front, set expectations, and ask for permission people will give you a chance as long as you deliver value and you are professional.

Don’t let people tell you how you SHOULD run your business. And Don’t let them tell you what people won’t be willing to do to work with you.

It is ALL lies.

Sheryl was a complete stranger to me.

Over the past nine months, we have developed a professional and personal relationship.

I acquired her as a client because I consistently provide FREE advice in my Facebook group where I show up DAILY.

If we run some soft numbers. Over time I have earned $8500 from one lead.

From SOCIAL MEDIA. A FREE platform that you should be using daily to grow your business.

I attracted the perfect client for me who allowed me to manifest a business goal.

So here are some takeaways.

Sheryl noticed me because I asked for people like her to let me help them grow their business.
Sheryl has been working with me for the past nine months because I am helping her get RESULTS.

Sheryl sends me referrals and is now an affiliate of mines because she is satisfied with our professional relationship and wants me to help people in her network.

If you read the entire post, you will see that I have several services to offer to my clients based on where they are inside of their business. From free all the way to a $3500 investment.

Do you offer your clients a client success path? Meaning do you have a suite of services and products that allow your clients to grow into their full potential at different price points?

Are you leveraging social media? Do you know what to post and how to close a deal? Are you struggling with the sales conversation? No sure who to respond when people like, share, or comment on your post? These things are critical to your success?

  • Do you have a way for your prospects to electronically schedule appointments to work with you and pay you online?
  • Do you have systems and processes in place to service your clients?
  • Do you have a network of service providers to help you service your clients?
  • Do you have a client avatar?
  • Are you consistent with marketing your business and asking for the sale daily?

Sheryl said yes to me because I had given her value before I asked for her business.

How did I pull off a VIP weekend as a mompreneur and what you can consider?
Instead of staying at a hotel Sheryl stayed in my guest bedroom room. That reduced the ripping and running we had to do to pull off her photoshoot. There is nothing worst than dragging your toddlers in and out of the car and she got to save on hotel expenses. A win-win for the both of us.
Why am I telling you this? You can create and grow your business, however, you desire you just have to define what you want, communicate to your clients, and go for it.
Today you have three options.
You can either…
  1. Keep doing what you have been doing and hope and pray things will change
  2. You can book your 30 min complimentary session and see if I can HELP YOU
  3. You can pay $4.95 yes I said $4.95 and grab your copy of Expert Secrets. It’s the underground playbook for creating a mass movement of people who will PAY for your advice by Russell Brunson creator of Clickfunnels. You can grab it here before the offer is gone and you have to pay full price for the book.
Your Business Systems Strategist

Wendy Nicole Anderson

P.S. If you aren’t sure what the hell you should be doing to generate business using social media then let me know in the comments below.


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