4 Reasons Why Your Business is Not Making Money

If your business cards and website is swanky, you’ve taken some professional photos, you have networked until your pants fell off, and you are still coming up empty, then perhaps it’s time to fine-tune your conversation. In my experience, I have compiled four reasons why you aren’t making bank.

Reason #1

Not talking about the outcomes of how a client will benefit from working with you is one of the reasons your business is at a standstill. If people are unclear about what you do and how you help them, they won’t move forward to work with you.

Telling someone the process and what they get while working with you is not enough. Your about page or work with me page should clearly identify who you help and how you help them. You must clearly state a bold promise of the end result. If you are struggling to articulate what you do in person, I am pretty sure your online presence lacks clarity as well. Clarity attracts profits. Psst, the Meet Me Page is another name for an About Page.

The About page is the MOST viewed page on most websites, so it needs to be mouth-watering. If you’re a terrible writer or just can’t be bothered, hire a copywriter. It’s THAT important. If you need a copywriter, I can point you in the right direction, just let me know.

Reason #2

Your copy is generic, lacks personality and is not personable. It reads like a brochure.  It feels more like you are talking at someone vs. to someone. Instead of writing to speak to one of your ideal clients you attempt to speak to everyone. I am sure that you are equipped to assist all types of clients from every walk of life, but you are missing the boat because your marketing is not specific.

Client attraction and conversion would be so much easier if you would narrow down your ideal client to three avatars. Let’s get honest for a second, you are uniquely equipped to serve only those who you understand and in return, they are a good match for your product or service. So when you are talking to everyone you are actually talking to no one. I know you feel like if you niche your brand too much, you will miss out. I am here to tell you that you are wrong. Less is more. When you and your client are crystal clear on what’s being said and offered it’s a win-win situation.

Reason #3

You don’t understand the psychology of your client. Therefore, you don’t use language to help her identify that you are talking to her. You have created offers that are not in alignment with your ideal client’s needs or desires. You don’t know now the magic formula to sell out your course or service because you skipped out on the market research. And perhaps, you didn’t ask the right open-ended questions to get game changing feedback that could make or break your earning potential.

Reason #4

You created an offer/services before you set your money goals. It’s pretty hard to sale anything when the offer does not measure up to the investment value. Example you create a product or service that does not live up to its $100 dollar price tag or perhaps $1,000 dollar price tag. A client can sense your lack of confidence when you try to sale them a $45 dollar product or service for $100 dollars.

If you believe something is worth a certain dollar amount and you create it to meet or exceed an investment range, then you will have no trouble singing all the way to the bank deposit box. So ask yourself the following questions before putting an event together, designing a product or creating a service, what is the outcome I want my client to experience? What elements can I incorporate to this offer/service/product or event that will have clients beating down my door to get?

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