Do you seek opportunity or security?

Regardless of which spectrum you choose to identify with neither is right or wrong, but it is important to evaluate your point of view. Do a quick temperature check. Our decisions shape our behaviors and in return create our reality. The bigger question is, are you living a life that you love? That might help you to put things into [...]

5 Traits of a Solution-Oriented Person 

Strength comes when you thrive in the face of adversity. -Wendy Nicole Anderson In the wake of a crisis people automatically assume the worst and resort to confusion and partake in activities that will not serve them in the future. Instead of morphing into a proactive frame of mind,  it seems to be second nature to think of [...]

No equals New Opportunity

"No" allows you to discover new ways of thinking, doing business and pursuing your goals.  In other words, "No" offers a new perspective that allows you to have a pure evaluation of your expectations of the outcome.  It heightens your interest level as to why you didn't get a YES, and it prompts you to [...]

I Suck At Parenting because I am a Workaholic + A Biz Lesson

I'm getting personal again. I suck at parenting. Why? I'm a workaholic, and I don't always want to turn off my entrepreneur hat and give my kids my undivided attention because well... I got great ideas, and I need to pump those ideas out so that I can continue to provide for my family. I've [...]

2 Critical Mistakes You Are Making After The Client Says Yes

Sometimes it can feel like someone kicked you in the stomach when you have a major win but failed to consider what's next. You all of the sudden panic and feel stuck because you didn't think beyond the YES. Yesterday I had an unsettling conversation with a new reader. She just so happened to sign [...]

What are you tolerating?

You may wonder what tolerance has to do with happiness, profits, and business. It is a distraction from you putting your best foot forward. Naturally when people want to launch a business, they immediately blurt out how much money they want to earn. Assuming that, they will make it overnight. They place false expectations on [...]

8 Tips to Make More Money in Your Biz Now

As a savvy forward thinking entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways to uplevel their business, right? Here are eight tips that will help you to focus on the basics of creating a profitable business. Use social media to leverage your business- Tapping into the social media market is the best way to reach more [...]

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